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Call for Software Engineers
Protect our democracy from Trump
Amplify is an app that helps the resistance movement grow and take action.

What Is Amplify?

The past six months have seen an explosion of local grassroots groups across the country. Amplify is an app that lets groups share calls to action with their members, grow their membership, and collaborate with other groups.

A New Tool to Power a New Kind of Movement

Political organizations have typically followed a top-down, hub and spoke model with an organizing central authority. Today’s resistance movement is decentralized and bottom-up. We’re making technology that can power this new kind of movement.

We aim to bring a million people up the ladder of political engagement heading into the 2018 elections. And we're building in features that can help win, like friend-to-friend text messages for getting out the vote in swing districts.

Amplify is growing

  • In active use by dozens of grassroots groups
  • Daily inbound interest from new groups
  • Indivisible National is piloting a rollout to thousands more groups

Groups love us. For example,

We're hiring a product-minded software engineer who:

  • Feels an urgent need to protect our democracy
  • Is driven to work hard towards this goal

That can:

  • Turn wireframes into high-quality product (frontend and backend)
  • Write lucid code
  • Work fairly independently
  • Manage technical debt strategically

They'll be able to:

  • Work on a tight team where everyone is highly leveraged
  • Create features quickly and without any red tape
  • Have a lot of fun. This project is really fun so far.
  • Break out of their bubble
  • Have a shot at defeating Trump


• Javascript
must be expert
• React
good if expert
• React Native
• Node
• GraphQL
can learn


San Francisco or remote (US)


We'll make sure you can comfortably work on the project.

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Ted Suzman

  • Created Facebook Graffiti (25m+ users)
  • Y Combinator Alum

David Slifka

  • Yale Investments Office
  • Wharton


  • Adora Cheung (Partner, Y Combinator)
  • David Nir (Political Director, Daily Kos)


Amplify started inside Indivisible San Francisco and was spurred by help and inspiration from many people in that group. Amplify is a nonprofit project funded out of pocket and with a grant from New Media Ventures.

How to Help
1. Have software engineers in your network? Spread this page.
2. Get updates about Amplify